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  • Report: Organisations Have Endpoint Security Tools But Are Still Falling Short on the Basics May 13, 2024
    AI PCs could soon see organisations invest in whole fleets of new managed devices, but Absolute Security data shows they are failing to maintain endpoint protection and patching the devices they have.
    Ben Abbott
  • Gartner: 4 Bleeding-Edge Technologies in Australia May 7, 2024
    Gartner recently identified emerging tech that will impact enterprise leaders in APAC. Here’s what IT leaders in Australia need to know about these innovative technologies.
    Matthew Sainsbury
  • 4 IoT Trends U.K. Businesses Should Watch in 2024 May 3, 2024
    TechRepublic identified the top four trends emerging in IoT that businesses in the U.K. should be aware of.
    Fiona Jackson
  • Desktop Migration Checklist April 28, 2024
    Regardless of whether a new computer is a desktop, a laptop or a convertible tablet, the same actions must be repeated each time a user receives a new machine. Migration tasks range from recording computer network settings to transferring documents, bookmarks and old email. Depending upon the level of centralized automation and third-party tools employed, […]
  • Get a Lifetime Subscription of FastestVPN for just $32 April 25, 2024
    In the market for a new VPN? The top-rated FastestVPN has been reduced to just $31.97 for a lifetime subscription at TechRepublic Academy.
    TechRepublic Academy
  • Prompt Hacking, Private GPTs, Zero-Day Exploits and Deepfakes: Report Reveals the Impact of AI on Cyber Security Landscape April 24, 2024
    A new report by cyber security firm Radware identifies the four main impacts of AI on the threat landscape emerging this year.
    Fiona Jackson
  • Best Commands for Digging Up Information about Your Linux System April 24, 2024
    Linux admins have a love affair with information. The more information they can gather the better. And that’s a good thing, as the more informed you are, the more apt you’ll be to make smart decisions. This applies to administration tasks, security, development and just about anything else you can imagine. You might need to […]
  • 10 Commands Linux Admins Need to Know April 23, 2024
    If you’re a Linux admin (or are just now hopping onto the Linux platform bandwagon), you have probably figured out that you’re going to need to interact with a terminal window. Even though the Linux desktop environments are all as user-friendly and robust as any on the market, when you’re dealing with a server, chances […]
  • Server Inventory Checklist (Free Download) April 22, 2024
    Threats from malware, cryptographic infections and compromised networks have never been greater. Headlines regularly attest to such widespread problems, from infection-felled organizations to dangerous vulnerabilities in popular tools. Companies can’t protect their technological infrastructure, though, without a solid grasp of the actual equipment in play. A checklist, like the one created by Erik Eckel for […]
  • 6 Tips for Structuring After-Hours Service Support April 21, 2024
    With proper planning and management, providing effective after-hours technical service and support can deliver a significant competitive advantage. Here are six recommendations, created by Erik Eckel on behalf of TechRepublic Premium, for effectively structuring technical service and support during non-traditional work hours. Featured text from the guide: 1. PROPERLY PRIORITIZE AFTER-HOURS SERVICE The most important […]
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  • Hiring Kit: Operations Research Analyst May 16, 2024
    In a competitive business environment where every decision has the potential to make or break the strategic goals and aspirations of an organization, decision makers need reliable and quantifiable information. And, as businesses become more complicated and rely more on technology for their decision-making processes, the most reliable information is often collected and processed using […]
  • Get 16 Powerful Mac Utilities With This $40 Bundle May 16, 2024
    From Wi-Fi scanning to Markdown editing, this collection of Mac utilities can save you time and hassle across a wide range of everyday tasks.
    TechRepublic Academy
  • Feature Comparison: Time Tracking Software and Systems May 15, 2024
    Choosing the right time-tracking software or service for your organization requires a thorough assessment of your current business operations. These guidelines and accompanying comparison tool, created by Mark W. Kaelin for TechRepublic Premium, provide the customizable framework your business needs to document the decision-making process. Featured text from the guide: TYPE OF SYSTEM NEEDED Before […]
  • Boost Your Business With This $80 Bundle: Office, Project, Visio and Windows 11 Pro May 15, 2024
    Transform your workflow with professional software that makes it easy to increase efficiency by providing the kind of tools that are a joy to work with. Now at $79.97 through May 22.
    TechRepublic Academy
  • 10 Ways to Stall Your IT Career (Free Download) May 14, 2024
    While the IT industry offers good opportunities, it doesn’t mean IT professionals don’t have to work hard to have a career that keeps them employed and growing. TechRepublic Premium presents some common mistakes IT professionals make that can compromise their careers. Featured text from the download: 3: Confusing “today” with “tomorrow” Too many IT professionals […]
  • Hiring Kit: Chief Product and Technology Officer May 14, 2024
    A chief product and technology officer is a high-ranking executive responsible for overseeing both the product development and technology functions within a company. They play a key role in aligning technological strategies with the overall business objectives, ensuring that products are developed efficiently and meet market needs. The CPTO typically collaborates with other leadership roles […]
  • Develop Valuable Cyber Security Skills Over a Lifetime for Only $56 May 10, 2024
    Not only do you get access to over 90 courses, but also career mentoring, skills evaluation, training on real cyber security projects, and much more.
    TechRepublic Academy
  • Upgrade Your Cybersecurity With This VPN That’s Only $70 for Three Years May 9, 2024
    Windscribe VPN gives you tools to block ads, create a safe hotspot, spoof your location, and more for the 3 years for the best price online.
    TechRepublic Academy
  • 10 Ways to Get Back in the Game after a Layoff (Free Download) May 8, 2024
    Looking for work is only part of what you need to do when you get laid off. TechRepublic Premium offers some advice for moving forward instead of sinking into the unemployment abyss. Featured text from the download: 4. Expand your comfort zone I once talked to someone who was hungry for some work about giving […]
  • The Australian Government’s Manufacturing Objectives Rely on IT Capabilities May 7, 2024
    The intent of the Future Made in Australia Act is to build manufacturing capabilities across all sectors, which will likely lead to more demand for IT skills and services.
    Matthew Sainsbury