Colocation Services

Datacenter co-location is ideal if you would like to maintain the flexibility and control of owning your own infrastructure, while also reducing your risk and operating costs compared to hosting your equipment locally. We can offer space in a shared rack or your own dedicated rack. Our collocation service offering provides a cost-effective way of securely hosting your mission-critical IT infrastructure, giving you the opportunity to create a tailored data center environment to suit your particular business requirements, all with an additional tier of security.

Benefits of using a Co-location Service:

  • Retain full control of all of your hardware and software, with most maintenance being able to be performed remotely by either your technical team or ours.
  • Always connected as our data centers enjoy redundant, very high-speed connections.
  • Your data is housed in an incredibly secure environment, making you a lot less vulnerable to physical loss or damage.
  • Easily scale and expand your space and power requirements as you need to.
  • Power is available through redundant power supplies from multiple power sources, uninterruptible power supplies, and independent rack power distribution units and breakers.
  • Our data centers are conveniently located and easily accessible to our network, technical and security engineers.

We ensure that you get the most out of our data centers, with flexible service models to meet your changing business requirements.