Consultant Services

Our IT consulting service has been designed to help you streamline your costs, improve your performance and maximize the return on your IT investment, allowing you to take advantage of the best technology available for your business. We ensure that your innovative technology is cost-effective and scalable, with a massive emphasis put on performance, agility, and usability.

Here are some IT consultant services available to you:

IT Audit Service
We can scan your network to identify all of your network nodes and create a thorough network map, before following that up with a physical check of your infrastructure, software agreements, supplier agreements etc. With all of that information in hand, we then interview key stakeholders to ensure that we have a complete picture of your IT setup. With that information in hand, our IT consultants then go away and create a comprehensive audit document for you.

IT Road-map Service
Using your IT audit document, our IT consultants then draw on their industry experience and determine where you could find efficiency and potentially save money, before providing you with an IT roadmap to help guide you and your organization going forward.

Virtual IT Director Service
Working with our IT road map service is our virtual IT director offering, where you can take advantage of an impartial review of your IT policies and direction from a suitably qualified person. Your experienced virtual IT director could help with your IT policy, road map, and budgeting, help advice on IT hardware and software purchasing, network development, IT security, IT human resources, and the like.

Network Health Check
We can offer you an impartial network health check, giving you a report on your IT performance and technology status, security, business continuity, backup plans, etc. This comes with no obligation and is designed to give you a true and accurate picture of your current IT provision.

Benefits of our IT consultant services:

  • You gain time to focus on your core business functions with the confidence in knowing that you have a knowledgeable and experienced team providing you with impartial advice.
  • You can tap economies of scale and benefit from our purchasing power to deliver you better, faster, and cheaper technology solutions and services.
  • You get access to highly specialized talent that can deliver cross-sectional IT knowledge to support both your current and future IT business networks that may otherwise be too expensive to develop and maintain in-house.
  • You obtain access to on-demand IT resources, giving you the agility to rapidly adjust your capabilities based on your business need.
  • You improve your productivity and gain a competitive edge by getting access to a team of experts who can advise and implement the best technology for your needs.
  • You can provide an environment where your IT systems and processes work and help your team focus on delivering on their tasks, which helps you attract and retain the best people.
  • You can enjoy improved access to vendors, which will help better support your chosen technology.